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Courtney Rubin

CEO and Founder/ Occupational Therapist

Courtney completed her undergraduate degree in Social Work from McGill University. Following her graduation, she pursued her Masters degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) at the University of Toronto. Upon completion of her degree in 2014, Courtney moved back home to Montreal to pursue her passion to work in pediatrics. Eager to enter the workforce, she reached out to various schools around the city inquiring about their current knowledge and experience with OT's. Courtney soon discovered the gap in services for elementary aged children in the school system. Courtney began working as an independent Occupational Therapist at various schools in the Montreal area. To further solidify her knowledge, she also began to work part-time at a pediatric clinic, specializing with children with developmental delays and/or autism.  After 2 years at the clinic, Courtney began to work at the Jewish General Hospital where she gained experience in various settings such as Acute care, Adult psychiatry, and Child psychiatry. Courtney's diverse professional experience has allowed her to build a practice that addresses the unique needs of our clients to help them maximize their potential.

  • Member of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists 

  • Member of Ordre des Ergotherapeutes du Quebec (OEQ).

  • Trained in the ‘Handwriting Without Tears’ program

  • Trained in sensory integration

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