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Comprehensive evaluation is the first step in getting to know your child. This is the groundwork in understanding your child's development and identifying their strengths and challenges. This process is usually completed over 1 to 2 sessions.  We meet  with the child and caregiver to complete play-based clinical observations and standardized testing when appropriate. The evaluation includes a written report and a follow up discussion with caregivers. The report discusses the results of standardized testing, clinical observations, and caregiver feedback. Goals and treatment plans are formulated with the client, family, and therapist.


Treatment plans are tailored to your child's identified needs. Sessions are typically weekly, however, some students may benefit from shorter sessions on a more frequent basis. A treatment session consists of 50 minutes of direct treatment time. At the end of each session, 10 minutes are  allocated to family and/or caregivers for update and new strategies, as well as documentation. This process is an essential component as it enables us to keep of track of progress and modify goals as needed. Parents are encouraged to stay and observe the sessions. 


We offer consultative services to help you better support your child in their natural environment. We provide services to staff in the school setting, parent education/ support, educational workshops as well as home programming. We also offer school screenings. 

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